Sunday, August 19, 2012

Taxi Cab Confessions


For my first official act, I'm reposting an oldie, and maybe a few more till I start fresh with some new content!

Never Wish With Friends

Funny Flyer

Bad Hand

Should Have Been More Careful

Halloween Trick

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Dreams Do Come True!

Spring Break Mistake

First Post!

Hey everyone (who may read this blog)!  I decided after a long hiatus that I need to start capping again now and then.

  A little about me:

I started a number of years ago on the Lycos boards, then when they closed I moved to yahoo groups, then I think those closed too(?).  Ultimately I ended up on amberchalise's wonderful gallery pages for a bit, then proceeded to take long, long breaks.

Anyway, I'm back for now!